About Darryl

Darryl Adams

Hi, Darryl here and welcome.Me-profile-217x300

I am happily married, for the second time, and have a daughter to my beautiful wife. I am living in Thailand for the most part with them. I love the culture and the people here in Thailand, and they are all so helpful. So I want my daughter to grow up here to learn their ways.

I have been working with computers for my whole life as my father was a computer engineer from before I was born (a little over 50 years ago). I love them and I love to help people learn to use them or to get better at using them. Then the internet came into being. So I have loved helping friends and colleagues learn more about it too.

I love playing around with Photoshop, I have been playing with it basically from when it first came out. Being a keen amature photographer it was a great tool to enhance photos and I eventually learned to repair photos. I cannot draw, so photoshop was/is my way to express myself.

Now I find myself helping others get a web presence, by helping them get online and building a web site. This is why Christian and myself have built this site. Here we will teach you the basics, right up to advanced.  You also have the option for more training to be able to step up your earnings.
Come and join us and ‘Learn to Earn!’