When it comes to building a list, this is a high priority as it is your #1 asset.
If you’re in Network Marketing, you don’t own the products or the company so when you build a list of subscribers that is the asset you own, you can take it with you if you change companies. Your leads can be with you for the rest of your online career!
What do you do  with the list? You can use an Autoresponder which sends out automated emails, that you set up, to your list. You could send an email to people on your list yourself, but most email providers limit you to how many emails you can send out each day and it is time consuming. An autoresponder keeps track of your list too, so it automatically adds subscribers and deletes them if they unsubscribe.autoresponder1

Choosing an Autoresponder

When it comes to choosing an Autoresponder, most people go with the cheapest option, even FREE.. don’t fall for this as FREE means you’ll get lower delivery rates, lower optins as they often go with double-otin which reduces your subscriptions and even have your messages land in their spam folder. Mailchimp is free for up to 2000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. Listwire is also a free service although they don’t state on their website for how many subscribers.When it comes to Autoresponders, there are 3 leaders in the marketplace, Aweber, GetResponse and Constant Contact. They have high deliverability, all the functions needed for marketing, easy to use, supported by all kinds of marketing plugins. Well, again they are the leaders for a reason and if you start with an autoresponder like that you wont need to think about changing it. One Autoresponder I used a few months ago was Sendlane, created by Email list builder expert Jimmy Kim, the service is reliable, they have great support and I really liked that they offered Capture Pages with their service.

Expect to pay anywhere from $19-25/month for an Autoresponder service to start and it will increase as your subscriber base increases. It is well worth the investment as you can build a list and market products in the range of $10-20 that your subscribers will purchase from you earning you commissions right away. So there is really no excuse not to go with a reliable paid service to start off with.