Introduction – ‘Running an online business’

To run a business online is similar to running one in the offline (AKA real world). You need a service or product that you can sell, you need need somewhere to sell it and you need to attract customers.

So for example a service online could be offering to design a logo or build a website for someone. A product can be a eBookphysical product, such as cosmetics or weight loss pills, to digital products like eBooks or a PDF report etc.

To sell your product or service you either need a website (shop) or you need to put advertising of your service/product on someone else’s website.

Next you need to attract customers. It is like opening a shop in the real world. You can open your doors and hope that people will see it and stop, or you can advertise. There are many various ways you can advertise online, we will walk
you through them throughout this website.

‘Owning a Domain Name’

To have a website (shop) online it is usually best to have your own Domain Name, this is like a business name in the real world and it is exclusive to you.

The best practice is to search a ‘Niche’ (see Choosing a Niche)in your chosen field, and use that as your domain name.

There are free ways to have a website and or a domain name through some sites online, like, where you get what they call a sub-domain name, which is your name/provider’s for example.

We will explain inside our site the differences and where you can get either one and how to set up your website.

‘Learn to Earn’

So come on in and look around, check out our Forum where you can ask questions, read through other people’s questions and answers.

We hope you enjoy your stay and hope that you do ‘Learn to Earn’.