A Little Inspiration for you!

A Little Inspiration for you!

Learning the “in’s and out’s” of marketing have MORE perks than making a few bucks online.

So, if you’ve ever struggled with the “ethics” or selling information products… or have any hang-ups about selling a digital course…

Let this be your inspiration for it.

Over the years, I’ve had my fair share of hang-ups, and internal struggles about this, so I’m right there with ya.

I’d often ask myself, “…am I really helping people?”

…Or a silent {whispy} thought would cross my mind, “I know this stuff is tough, and they’re going to need to invest a LOT more time and money than they’re being led on to believe… I can’t sell this system knowing that.”

All of these thoughts were “good intentioned.”

I truly cared.

I didn’t want to just sell someone some system or “pipe dream” so I could make a few bucks.

It felt so ICKY!

Some of those thoughts were true too.

The system or product I was looking to sell was not being genuine and honest.

It wasn’t sharing the WHOLE story until our customers got inside to discover…


They’re gonna have to work HARD to make this work.

Anyways, it wasn’t a problem with those courses and programs, but it did secretly sneak into everything else I would do.

My own courses. (which I knew were good)

A small handful of other products and system, that I knew were genuine, and authentically good.

…And it ended up CRIPPLING my ability to sell them.

Sidebar: Selling great products is “HOLY” side of capitalism. It’s almost a utopian-style ideal, but a few products, courses, and people do exist that play that game.

So, point being…

If you’ve got any silent hang-ups about selling the digital course or product you’re promoting…

1) it might be for a good reason… (worth doing a “heart-check” on that)…

2) it’s likely because of a BAD experience (or many).

Here’s the TRUTH.

When you become skilled at marketing, it affects your entire life.

You can negotiate better deals. (example: I NEVER pay “retail” price for my cars or home)

You become more persuasive, and fun to hang around – so you inevitably attract more friends. (typically higher-caliber too)

You also become more confident – sometimes it’s almost like being on the ‘inside’ of some secret society that knows the secret CODE to who the universe works.

It’s fun. It’s exciting.

…And it opens you up to a World of infinite possibilities.

So, the next time you go to sell some 7 dollar ebook or micro-course, remember…

That course might not make a huge impact immediately…

But, it could be the catalyst to changing that person’s entire LIFE (by setting them on the path of entrepreneurship).

Powerful stuff.

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