How to make sales with Facebook Ads

Make sales with Facebook Ads

Have you ever tried paid traffic with Facebook Ads?  Didn’t have a good experience and lost money?

We’ve all been there, it takes skill and it’s a learning process, you won’t get it right on the first try. Don’t give up!

You need to deliver value or share a story or run a webinar if you really want to make money with Facebook traffic. Another way that works well is having an Ad that is laser targeted to your market, running to a landing page where you capture people’s information and get them on your list before sending them to the sales page so you can market to them in the long run.

Affiliate marketing and Facebook

Affiliate marketing can be profitable on Facebook if you have the right strategies in place.

Affiliate marketing often works well for both the publisher and the advertiser. The advertiser benefits because they are only paying for direct results and nothing else. The publisher often likes affiliate marketing because they can make pretty easy money while promoting great products beneficial to their niche. It’s a mutually beneficial exchange as well as being low-risk and relatively low-cost.
Most affiliate marketing follows the pay-per-click system. This is where the publisher is paid for each click on a link, taking the potential customer to a certain landing page or the company’s site. Hint: having that link take them to a landing page is definitely a good idea.

Some companies opt to pay affiliate marketers when a certain action is taken, such as signing up for a trial or newsletter, or a purchase is made. Sometimes affiliate marketers are offered a commission off of the entire sale.
Sometimes even offering customers a percentage off if they refer new customers can benefit your company at very little cost. This is a great way to utilize positive word-of-mouth potential. You can turn your customers into affiliate marketers effortlessly.

When running Facebook traffic to promote your offer, product or service, you need to track results, not tracking your ROI will not allow you to scale your advertising and make more profit. Running Facebook ads without tracking their success is like playing darts blindfolded; chances are, you might hit the board once or twice if you throw enough darts, but you’re not going to nail that bullseye.

Do these 5 things

You need to do the following 5 things to run a successful campaign:
1) Tag your URL’s
2) Install a conversion tracking pixel
3) Install a custom audience pixel
4) Learn how to use the NEW Facebook pixel
5) Set a conversion value

If this is all chinese (no offense to chinese people)  to you but you need some training on Facebook Ads and my good buddy Kevin Fahey just came out with IM Traffic, a Facebook Ads course containing 6 modules and 27 videos showing the newbie right up to a seasoned marketer just how to run a profitable Facebook campaign. You can get your hands on this dirt cheap course HERE.

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