Make money watching Videos

There is something brewing on the horizon… a new launch that will make a lot of people a lot of money.

What if you got paid for watching YouTube videos?

Well now you’ll be able to with THW Global!  Launch date is July 4th!

What’s even better than getting paid yourself to watch commercials, TV Pilots, Movie Trailers… is getting paid on your referrals as well, you’ll earn $5/hour for every hour your direct referrals watch videos and $1/hour on 10 levels deep.

Let’s do the Math

Now let’s do some math here so you can gain an understanding of just how profitable this will be:

Say you refer 20 people and they watch 10 hours per week
That’s 20 people X $5/hour X 10 hours = $1000/week
That doesn’t even take the 10 levels into consideration!

What would an extra $4000/month do for you and your family? Total passive income that comes in month after month..

Don’t wait any longer to join this FREE opportunity and start promoting!
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