Shiny Object Syndrome

Shiny Object Syndrome

I think as entrepreneurs I think we have all done it, while researching one program or offer, see an ad or a link in the report and you click on it. Next thing you know you are ten pages away from where you started and because the links didn’t open in a new tab you forget what you were doing in the first place. It is easy to get side tracked, especially by the ‘promises’ offered out there, and their ‘proof’ of income with the push of one button. Try not to get caught in the shiny object syndrome picture‘Shiny Object Syndrome’.

No Push Button Riches

I think we all know, deep down inside, that there is no real ‘push button’ riches. Yes, on the very rare occasion, some people do make quick money, but usually that comes with outlaying money on a high risk investment. Most of these, like a lot of the current popular Revenue Sharing programs, are very short term opportunities, and a lot are just outright scams.

Be careful and do a lot of research before you invest your hard earned money into any offer or program. Some rely on new members coming in to share the revenue, like a lot of Revenue Sharing programs, some are just there to harvest your email address. There are even other ones that get paid by getting you to sign up to a payment processor. So please, research, research and research some more!

Do Your Research

Be careful where you research though, you have to be careful of so called ‘Reviews’. I am not saying that they all are, but a lot are written by people who put what they are writing about in a good light or bad light for their own reason. What I mean is, if I wanted to get signups for a product, I would write a review and recommend it in the hope you would sign up under my link. Conversely, I could write a review saying it was bad, and this other program/offer is much better in the hope you will sign up for my ‘better’ offer. I am not saying all programs or offers out there are bad or scams I am just saying do your research, and if you do invest in something make sure you can afford to lose that money.

Build a Website

In the long run, building a website with a focus on a particular niche, with original content that is added to on a regular basis, will make you money because people will learn to trust you. They will trust you because you are giving them ‘value’ with the content on your site.  It might not happen overnight, but in the end you will become an ‘authority’ on that subject and people will buy on your recommendations.

So my recommendation is to pick a subject you are passionate about, or know something about, pick a niche from that subject and start a website. It is not that hard to do these days, and you can start for free with sites like And watch out for that ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’!

To your success

Darryl Adams

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